Welcome home, sunshine!

Definitely not the same rain.

Hi. My name’s Emily C. Skaftun, and I grew up here in Seattle. And I just moved here six months ago. It wasn’t like moving to a whole new place, but neither was it coming home again.

I moved away at 18 to escape the gloom and the rain, but this rain doesn’t rattle me at all. It isn’t the same rain.

I have family and high school friends around, but I barely see them these days. I’ve made new friends of neighbors and baristas. But even better, I’ve plugged back into the community of writers I met at Clarion West in 2009—these people, Horrific Miscue!

So what am I? Am I a stranger here, or a local? Like all the other writers, I live in the otherworlds, with people who don’t exist in places I make from words. Yet we Miscuers (miscreants?) share those worlds, and words.

And now we’re going to blog about them (and using them) too. We promise. So, hi, theoretical reader. If you’d like to know more about me, check out my own often-neglected blog at skaftun.blogspot.com.