Sundry Clarion West Related Book Bloggers

As others have made clear, one of the common links of the group is a Clarion West connection (although we do love our non-Clarion Westie members). I asked on the CW Facebook group about Clarion West alums and other CW peeps who blog about books, because it seemed like a useful list to have. Here’s the results:

Lynette Aspey –
Alyx Dellamonica –
Neile Graham – Les Semaines, Reviews on Goodreads
John V. Hedtke –
Rajan Khanna – Goodreads,,
Daniel Marcus – Cherrylog Road
Louise Marley – Red Room
Nancy Jane Moore – Book View Cafe, also BU Broadsheet, SF Revu (mostly nonfic)
Mark Pantoja –
Cat Rambo – blog, SFWA Blog, Onion A.V. Club, PW
Nisi Shawl – Seattle Times, Ms.
Nick Tramdack –

If you know of others, please comment with the info, and I (or another group member) will add them. Thanks!