June Stories

• Lauren Dixon’s “Your Words are Your Life, Your Death,” a non-fiction blog post about writing, death, and aging, was posted on Booklife Now.

• Sandra M. Odell’s “The Dictionary’s Apprentice” showed up at the Cast of Wonders YA podcast.

• And according to Leah Bobet, publisher of Ideomancer, Miscuer Vicki Saunders’s “‘Deus Ex Chelonia’” takes us on the most whimsical post-apocalyptic quest we’ve read in years and years.”

Happy Independence day, everyone!

Horrific Miscue Stories in their (Un)Natural Habitats

This is not an April Fools Day post. Or is it?

These are some of the places that Horrific Miscuers’ stories have gotten to this March:

  • Liz Argall’s “The Rugged Track” is available as a podcast from Podcastle
  • Lauren Dixon’s “A Lesson in Metempsychosis” is at Extract(s)
  • Sandra M. Odell’s “Wings” is in issue #3 of The Colored Lens
  • Emily C. Skaftun’s “Down in the Woods Today” is in Attic Toys, available in kindle and paper formats

We hope you enjoy. Unless, of course, it’s all an elaborate prank.

From the March 3 2012 Meeting

Writers Hard At Work

Tod McCoy, Lauren Dixon, Liz Argall at Inner Chapters Bookstore.

Liz Wrestles With Her Muse

Liz Argall wrestles with her muse while Lauren Dixon (furthest) and VIcki Saunders (foreground) look on.

Lucas Johnson, Emily Skaftun, Persephone D'Shaun

Lucas Johnson, Emily Skaftun, and Persephone D'Shaun watch from the other side of the table.

Members present: Liz Argall, Lauren Dixon, Eliza Hirsch, Lucas Johnson, Keffy Kehrli, Tod McCoy, Cat Rambo, Vicki Saunders, Persephone D’Shaun, Emily Skaftun.

Three stories were workshopped and Liz wrestled with her muse. As always, Inner Chapters was a swell host. The novel group meets on the 24th, and we all believe we are workshopping Caren’s novel.

Also, Keffy is going to put together an informative list of everything he hates in stories for the blog.