From the March 18, 2012 Meeting

Mighty Hashbrowns

Our post-meeting meal took place at the Five Spot, where the hashbrowns were mighty.

Present: Liz Argall, Lauren Dixon, Caren Gussoff, Randy Henderson, Lucas Johnson, Keffy Kehrli, Tod McCoy, Sandra Odell, Cat Rambo, Julia Sidorova, Rashida Smith, Dallas Taylor

A useful note –

  • Launch Pad application deadline is coming up March 31, may be its last year, apply now!

We critted Cat’s story, then Tod gave a talk on electronic publishing. Cat filmed most of it and will try to stick it up on the web within the next few days.

Then half of the group went home like PARTY POOPERS and the rest of us went to the Five-Spot to eat and then to see John Carter of Mars in 3D.
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