More Things Said During Crit Session

Totoro At NorwesconFrom notes found while cleaning:

“I love the idea that you get so gothy and morose that you just become a vampire.”

“He could have legitimate powers once he starts throwing up spiders.”

“I didn’t understand the importance of the vampires.”

“There were a lot of places where the characters were just going somewhere.”

“Don’t sigh at me.”

“If everything is possible, nothing matters. Blow it out of the park.”

“There’s no non-stupid way of putting it.”

“There’s some well-intentioned fascist vampires.”

“There used to be a chapter entitled ‘Vampire Training Montage.'”

“I always like more detail as to which organs are missing.”

Crit Session Quotes For 12/29/2012

Theater sign for Geek OutIn our last meeting for 2012, we critted stories from Kris Millering, Cat Rambo, and Emily Skaftun. In attendance were Liz Argall, Sarah Hirsch, Tod McCoy, Kris Millering, Erik Owomoyela, Cat Rambo, Vicki Saunders, Emily Skaftun, and Eddie Smith.

Here’s a scattering of what was said, but by request I have not attributed the quotes.

  • If there are monkeys on a planet, we need to know that immediately because we love monkeys!
  • That would really sock it to the tree, so to speak
  • Write a different story. Got it.
  • I wanted more apple magic.
  • I needed more rage on the part of the tree.

Afterwards, we had a joint outing to the theater and saw Geek Out, which included adaptations of “Black Box” by Jennifer Egan; “Instructions: by Neil Gaiman; “The Lifecycle of Software Objects” by Ted Chiang; and “The Unwritten” by Mike Carey, done in collaboration with literature-based music group, The Bushwick Book Club Seattle.

Crit Session Quotes for 12/15/2012

Kids Self PortraitsWelcome to new members Jei Marcade and Rachel Sobel!

We critted stories from Huw Evans, Caren Gussoff, and Tod McCoy. Here’s a scattering of what was said, but by request I have not attributed the quotes.

  • I found this exquisitely disgusting.
  • There are a lot of people with names.
  • Ditto Cat on wanting to be smacked harder.
  • Wow, you guys are really fired up about flour.
  • Land is really judgmental.

Crit Session Quotes for 12/1/2012

Image of a dinosaurWe critted stories from Emily Skaftun and Lily Yu. Here’s a scattering of what was said, but by request I have not attributed the quotes.

  • “We are not dissimilar from a blue lobster.”
  • “There needs to be more murder in the story.”
  • “Here’s MY version of how I would rewrite your story…”
  • “The manic departure from sensible decision making” (describing Seattle encountering a snow storm)
  • “The dinosaurs are such a great metaphor for love.”
  • “So I was like, fuck it, I’ll add some dinosaurs.”

From the March 18, 2012 Meeting

Mighty Hashbrowns

Our post-meeting meal took place at the Five Spot, where the hashbrowns were mighty.

Present: Liz Argall, Lauren Dixon, Caren Gussoff, Randy Henderson, Lucas Johnson, Keffy Kehrli, Tod McCoy, Sandra Odell, Cat Rambo, Julia Sidorova, Rashida Smith, Dallas Taylor

A useful note –

  • Launch Pad application deadline is coming up March 31, may be its last year, apply now!

We critted Cat’s story, then Tod gave a talk on electronic publishing. Cat filmed most of it and will try to stick it up on the web within the next few days.

Then half of the group went home like PARTY POOPERS and the rest of us went to the Five-Spot to eat and then to see John Carter of Mars in 3D.
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From the March 3 2012 Meeting

Writers Hard At Work

Tod McCoy, Lauren Dixon, Liz Argall at Inner Chapters Bookstore.

Liz Wrestles With Her Muse

Liz Argall wrestles with her muse while Lauren Dixon (furthest) and VIcki Saunders (foreground) look on.

Lucas Johnson, Emily Skaftun, Persephone D'Shaun

Lucas Johnson, Emily Skaftun, and Persephone D'Shaun watch from the other side of the table.

Members present: Liz Argall, Lauren Dixon, Eliza Hirsch, Lucas Johnson, Keffy Kehrli, Tod McCoy, Cat Rambo, Vicki Saunders, Persephone D’Shaun, Emily Skaftun.

Three stories were workshopped and Liz wrestled with her muse. As always, Inner Chapters was a swell host. The novel group meets on the 24th, and we all believe we are workshopping Caren’s novel.

Also, Keffy is going to put together an informative list of everything he hates in stories for the blog.