Cat Rambo: Clarion West 2012 Write-a-thon Goals

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Picture of the advance reading copy of Cat Rambo's Near+Far

I won the Leilani doll in the Locus Awards raffle, and the lei is also a souvenir of that delightful occasion. But the coolest thing received there was the Arc of NEAR+FAR!!

It’s the start of another Clarion West season. As always, it was marked by the Locus Awards, which were a ton of fun and extra cool because they were my first chance to see the ARC (advance reading copy) of the book coming out this September. I’ve been to the house and met most of the students — they all have that glazed, not-sure-what-to-expect look in their eyes. And the Clarion West Write-a-thon is starting. This’ll be the 6th or 7th time I’ve participated in it, I think.

This year I’m using it to spur effort on the urban fantasy novel I’ve been working on, THE EASTER BUNNY MUST DIE! At Rio Hondo, they suggested a new way to begin it, so I’ve got to write that chapter, tweak the existing ones so they fall in line nicely after that, and then take up where I left off, in a grumpy healer’s cavern, confronting the Marlboro Man. Nuff said?

So I must tell you, that should you wish to support me in the Write-a-thon, even if it’s just a buck, you’ll be receiving snippets in the mail that will not be made available to the public – perhaps ever, perhaps not until the book is done. I hope you’ll support me (or perhaps some other fine writer working on Write-a-thon goals) this summer.

Sandra M. Odell: Clarion West 2012 Write-a-thon Goals

This post originally appeared on Sandra M. Odell’s blog here.

As today is the first day of the Clarion West 2012 Write-a-thon, I thought I would outline a few of my goals for the event. In no particular order:

Picture of a brain scan1. No strokes. (Okay, I lied. Even more important than word count, this is my #1 goal. You may not be able to see all the details, the white lines that look something like a capital “I” mark the damage. Thanks, no thanks.) Not only did the stroke land me in the hospital, it seriously cramped my writing style.

2. A minimum of 2,000 words per week on my novel that will remain the working body of the text until the end of the Write-a-thon. That may not sound like much, but I have a deucedly difficult time with my Inner-Bitch, erm, Inner-Editor and I want to set a realistic goal. 12,00 words in six weeks. I can do this.

3: Encourage other Write-a-thon participants via email, Facebook, face-to-face, or messages in bottles.

4: Continue to solicit sponsors through my Write-a-thon page. Sponsoring is quick, easy, and a great way to show your continued support for a program that helps keep dreams alive.

5: Support the Clarion West class of 2012 through my writing, and, um, offerings of caffeine. Send me your caffeine donations and I’ll forward them to the class. Trust me on this. They’ll need all the caffeine they can get.

6: No getting discouraged when other Write-a-thon participants post progress reports such as “Wrote 10,000 words today, picked up my Hugo trophy, and made my application for the Nobel Prize in Literature.” The Write-a-thon isn’t a competition, no matter what my insecurities think.

7: Have fun!

8: No being eaten by mammoth space squid. (Kinda self explanatory, really.)

Can you think of any I missed?

Sponsor Randy and Others in 2011 Clarion West Write-a-Thon

Clarion West Write-a-ThonStarting in late June, I will be channeling reality-altering energies in an attempt to discombobulate speculativentropic forces. There may be casualties, scandals, men weeping, women dancing, and spontaneous generation of new life that realizes its true purpose just before being turned into a new flavor of pudding. Won’t you sponsor the chaos?

All proceeds go to incubation pods for future speculative fiction writers (or financial assistance for Clarion West, I can never remember which):