Summer Reading

I have been remiss in posting, so here’s a whole summer’s worth of Horrific Miscue words to read!

• Liz Argall started a web comic called Things Without Arms and Without Legs. Things! Things! If there is no spoon, why does it taste so nice?

• Tod McCoy was published in an anthology called Bronies: For the Love of Ponies. Join Kazka Press as we explore the simple love between a man and his pony, a woman and her pony, and the world and their bronies and pegasisters. The foreword is written by Kij Johnson, and the anthology includes her Nebula-winning story “Ponies.”

• Sandra Odell’s “Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow” is up at Kasma Science Fiction. This is a story of zombies, choice, and what it means to be human, as seen through the eyes of Willy Shakes, everyone’s favorite bard.

• Cat Rambo has two recently podcasted stories: “Grandmother,” a space opera story, is up at EscapePod, and “Coyote Barbie,” a humorous short originally published in Expanded Horizons, is up at Toasted Cake.

AND . . .

• William T. Vandemark’s “Alkahest,” originally published in Brain Harvest, is also up at Toasted Cake. If you  have 8 minutes and the inclination, check it out.

Go! Read! Listen!

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