It Happened at the World’s Fair

Last weekend marked the 50th anniversary of the Seattle World’s Fair, and with it the birthdays of Seattle landmarks like the Space Needle, the monorail, and basically all of the Seattle Center. There’s more awesomeness in that fact than I can unpack here, but the most visible sign of it is the stunning new/old look the Space Needle is sporting–with its “Galaxy Gold” top.

Look! It matches our banner! (photo by Leslie Howle)

As a Seattle native, this brings up a lot of personal feelings. But as a sometime writer of science fiction living in Seattle, it brings up questions. Questions like, “What happened to the future?” Dystopia and post-apocalyptic fiction is all the rage, but I find it refreshing for a moment to look back to a time when the future seemed glorious and within reach. And things came in colors.

This post says much of what I feel about the anniversary and why it matters to us Seattlites. But it leaves out the part about the future. Without World’s Fairs it remains up to us, writers and readers, to create the future. Let’s paint it orange.

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