Hi there

Okay.  Hi. This is my introduction. Where do I stand?—–  Here? — Smile? —- Now?

My name is Julia. I write fiction. One of my aspirations is to describe things that fascinate me in such a way that other people will become fascinated by them. Just a tad. Just for a moment. Okay, maybe they’ll even get fascinated by something other than what I’d intended. That’s good too.

Things that fascinate me: imagine, for example, a reenactment of Gettysburg. An expanse of terrain where hundreds of people fire blanks and execute maneuvers according to historical record. Some of these people drop to the ground and lie there until the end of the action. Then finally, the bugle is sounded to call the end to the proceedings, and all the fallen soldiers rise like one, brush dirt and twigs off their uniforms,  and go to a merry Confederacy/Union social.

This image triggers an almost visceral, goose-bumps sensation in me, something sad, comical and profound at once. Is it because the dead soldiers are rising, as if? Or because our need for reenactments is compelling — compulsive? Or that in a reenactment the finality of loss of life and limb is canceled, and in doing so, trivialized and conquered at once? Either way.  What it is, is our historical time being all wrapped around us and knotted up in our emotions, preoccupations and compulsions. It is as if we, collectively, as humanity, can bend time. Though we don’t quite know, to what end.

See? That’s one of the kinds of things that fascinate me.  But did I describe it to any effect?

I promise to also describe things at jmsidorova.blogspot.com

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